We specialize in the repairs most shy away from or want an arm and a leg to do. We have customers that come from as far away as St Peters, St Charles, St Louis Mo, Arnold Mo, East St Louis IL, and as far as Cape Girardeau MO. We even have folks that want to mail us a clock to repair. We don't advertise mail in repair and will only take them on a case by case basis.  

These are a few of our before and after pictures of some of the clocks we have restored. Our extensive antique clock part inventory allows us to place a clock back to original condition using original parts. None of the repairs shown below cost the customer more then $150.00. Ya, I've been told I'm cheap.......But in a good way!

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All back together and ready to go home! Notice the birds had broken beaks. We were able to replace the front trim piece with one from our numerous parts inventory. We have over 800 clocks to pick parts from. Kind of like a clock wrecking yard.





The next cuckoo is a chalet style 3 weight with dances on the balcony. It's a mess. This one had me worried but it came through surgery great. I love to see the looks on the customers faces when they come pick up their clocks after we are done with them. 


All back together and ready to go home! New bellows top and tubes. These are what produce the "Cu....Ckoo"

This next one was a older Cuckoo Clock with music. These are great old cuckoo's. I love working on the older ones. The movements are great! Once again we were able to provide original case pieces to put this in like new condition from our clock wrecking yard. We have over 100 cuckoo clocks we use for case pieces and around 200 movements for the same purpose.


At least it's a small hammer.

Another satisfied customer!


I customer brought this in just a few month ago and wanted it restored with antique parts. All he had was the case and a dirty one at that. No movement, face or anything else outside of what is in the picture. Well after spending some time in the "Clock cave" I found a donor. After getting the case cleaned up and the old “guts” restored and installed it turned out pretty nice. He was more then happy with his new clock. And he couldn’t believe that it only cost him $140.00 for all this.


Another Father Time Clock fan!  



Another satisfied customer!

We have also came up with our own unique way to clean cases. The method that we use does not remove the finish but cleans to it. In this picture you can see where I have cleaned the case and hopefully were I haven't. We offer this service on most case types. For a typical mantel clock this runs only $20.00 but adds alot more to the value of the clock.


This cuckoo flew off the wall on what was I'm sure a bad day for the customer. They were only missing one small piece that they said was missing before the mishap.