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Repair Prices

All prices below represent the estimated price to service your clock. This includes disassembly, cleaning, checking all bushings, pivots, main springs and general mechanical operation of your movement, lubrication and regulating. If bushings, main springs or additional work is required you will be notified by phone of the additional cost. The prices below are generally the cost to service listed clock types, but is by no means a guaranteed total cost.



Early American Time only (1 wind hole) $70

Early American Time and Strike (2 wind holes) $80

Early American Time and Chime (98% have 3 wind holes) $88

New Mantel Clocks Time and Chime $80

Wall Clock Time only $75

Wall Clock Time and Strike $80

Wall Clock Time and Chime $88

Wall Clock Weight Driven Starts at $78 for 1 weight.

Cuckoo 30 Hour No Music $75

Cuckoo 30 Hour With Music $85

Cuckoo 8 Day No Music $80

Cuckoo 8 Day With Music $88

Anniversary Clock $75

Atmos Clock Starts at $175 note: replacement parts for Atmos clocks are very expensive and getting hard to find.